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V belt literature

  Belt drives are called flexible machine elements. Flexible machine elements are used for a large number of industrial applications, viz., conveying systems, transmission of power, etc.   BELT DRIVE ADVANTAGES: Flexible machine elements has got an inherent advantage that, it can absorb a good amount of shock and vibration. It can take care of some degree of misalignment between the driven…Readmore

Technical tips on belt selection

  GENERAL V-BELT SELECTION PROCEDURE:   For detailed and exact design methodology, refer IS:2494:1994 (Part1)Readmore

Technical tips on belt storage

    Under proper storage conditions, VEEGRIP belts can be used for many years without deterioration of quality and service life. The following guidelines may be used ; 1. Store belts in a cool, dry, dust-free area, away from radiators and direct sunlight. 2. Temperatures below 850 and…Readmore

Belt installation and maintenance

BELT INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE: First have to loosened the belt by sliding the motor towards driver pulley or machine. Remove the old belts and fit with New one After fitment of the belt, the belt might tighed by keeping the motor to its old positives. Normally the tension the belt could be defection 0.15Mmm per minimum of spaw. Readmore

Belt troubleshooting

BELT TROUBLESHOOTING: Before installing belt on pulley through check up needed of correct fitment bearing, pulley and shafts Also have to check the pulley wear and tear for better life of belts. On fitting of the belt on pulley alignment should be straight line between pulleys to avoid belt side damages and heat producing which may leads to short end…Readmore